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Air conditioning repairs

We're all aware that it can get pretty hot here in Colorado Springs, and that's why ensuring our air conditioning is functioning is so vital for our comfort. When your cooling system is in need of a fix, the experts at Edge Heating and Cooling have the air conditioning repairs service for you! We are a family-run team of certified HVAC professionals, and it's our pleasure to continue to serve our community with the best in heating and cooling services. You can always count on us in Colorado Springs whenever you need air conditioning repairs!

It's a blessing to be able to enjoy the summers here in Colorado, but when our air conditioning goes out, things tend to get a bit uncomfortable. Having air conditioning in Colorado Springs is as essential as having heating, so giving your cooling system the fix it requires to keep pumping cold air is an investment in good living. Edge Heating and Cooling have professional air conditioning repairs available for you 24/7 with our emergency service, and we'll also give you a free estimate if you're having any problems with your cooling system.

When You May Need Air Conditioning Repairs

Your cooling system doesn't have to be dead to need servicing. Consider contacting us for your air conditioning repairs if you experience any of the following:

  • Strange Noises: Besides the whoosh of cool air, you shouldn't be hearing any other noises coming out of your air conditioning unit. Strange sounds could be caused by a broken part, loose screws, a bad compressor, or more.
  • Leaking Water: Air conditioning units produce condensation, but it shouldn't cause water to leak inside your home. If your AC is causing water to drip in your house, you need air conditioning repairs immediately.
  • Weak Airflow: Cold air should pump out of your AC at a strong, steady flow as it works to reach its set temperature. If the airflow is weak, though, this could mean your blower is malfunctioning, or your coils are frozen.
  • Stinky Smells: The air coming from your cooling system shouldn't stink, so if it does, there's a problem. Foul odors from your air conditioning could be caused by a dirty air filter or a blocked drip pan.
  • Higher Electric Bills: It requires electricity to run your air conditioning, but if your bill is abnormally high, there could be a problem. Poor energy efficiency is the sign of a weak or malfunctioning cooling system, and it needs to be inspected to be appropriately diagnosed.

Want to find out more about any air conditioning repairs you may need? Or perhaps it's time you're considering an air conditioning replacement? No matter what, our professionals at Edge Heating and Cooling have you covered.

AC Repairs

When you rely on us for your air conditioning repairs, you can be sure you'll be getting five-star treatment. Our crew comes prepared with all the equipment and parts we need to get your AC fixed safely and quickly. We're available around the clock to help you, and everything we do comes with a one-year labor warranty. For quality and customer care you can trust, no one beats Edge Heating and Cooling!

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