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Furnace replacement

If you're in need of a furnace replacement in Colorado Springs, you know who you can depend on! Edge Heating and Cooling is the leading HVAC contractor in the area, and we've been serving our community with the best in heating repairs and services for years. We believe in hard work, quality products, and always following through for our customers. We also provide 24/7 emergency assistance, free estimates, and all of our work is covered under a year-long warranty. When the time comes for a furnace replacement for your Colorado Springs home, make sure you contact our professionals first!

When Should You Replace Your Furnace?

In the winter months, having a working a good working furnace can mean all the difference between peaceful comfort and a frosty house. We expect a lot out of our furnaces, but not all of them can deliver the level of luxury we desire. If you're not achieving the warmth you need to enjoy your home; it may be time to consider an upgrade. Edge Heating and Cooling are the Colorado Springs heating repairs specialists, and we'd be delighted to help you with the perfect furnace replacement.

Finding a better furnace replacement is an investment in the value and comfort of your home. You may want to consider upgrading your furnace if:

  • Your home has cold spots: If there is an area of your house that is colder than the others, it's because your furnace can't keep up. Newer furnaces have adjustable fan speeds, and zone controls to keep every area at a comfortable temperature.
  • Your furnace makes loud noises: Rattles, screeches, and pops are often the result of poor ductwork, loose screws, and aging parts. A new furnace replacement, once professionally installed, will eliminate these noises.
  • Your furnace is more than ten years old: Furnaces don't last forever, and if cared for properly, can reach ten to twenty years of use. Once your furnace is in this age, it is on its way out, so upgrading should be kept in mind.
  • Your energy bills get higher every year: Power companies continually raise their rates, but if your heating bills are getting higher and the math isn't adding up, it may be your furnace. New furnaces are much more energy-efficient and will save you money on your monthly expense.

There are many benefits in getting a furnace replacement for your home, and when the time is right, Edge Heating and Cooling will be here for you. Even if you're still in love with your current furnace and you believe it still has plenty of warmth left to give, our furnace repairs department will be glad to fix any problems that may arise. For a free estimate and outstanding customer service, contact our professionals today!

Furnace Installation

Ensuring your new furnace is installed correctly is just as important as finding the right one for your home. Edge Heating and Cooling provide full-service installation for our customers. Our professionals run through an extensive checklist to ensure your furnace installation is perfect every step of the way. Don't forget, Edge Heating and Cooling has a one-year labor warranty for all the work we do, so you get the peace and comfort your new furnace will bring without the worry.

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