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There's no HVAC contractor the town of Peyton trusts more than Edge Heating and Cooling. We are your local heating repairs specialists, and we love to serve the friendly community of Peyton. The residents here know they can depend on our five-star customer service, 24-hour emergency assistance, and year-long labor warranty that covers all of the services we provide. You can rest easy knowing that if you need heating repairs in Peyton, Edge Heating and Cooling has got your back!

The people of Peyton enjoy their wide-open spaces, small-town feel, and the peace that comes from living in a cozy, quiet area. People seem to value the more essential things in Peyton, and they don't let life's trivialities get them down. One thing the residents appreciate here as much as anywhere else, though, is the comfort of their own homes. When Peyton wants comfort, they know they can rely on the heating repairs pros at Edge Heating and Cooling.

Furnace Repairs for Your Peyton Home

Having your heat go out in the middle of winter can be an inconvenience, to say the least. Modern furnaces give us the comfort we want when we need it most, but much like anything else, they can eventually break down on us. When your furnace starts giving you fits in your Peyton home, contact our furnace repairs team immediately.

Edge Heating and Cooling have the expertise and equipment needed to fix all types of furnaces. When you call us, we'll inspect your furnace and test the connections, burner, sealings, thermostat, and more until we discover exactly what the problem is. More often than not, we can repair your furnace in one simple, convenient process.

The Peyton Heating Contractor You Can Depend On

Edge Heating and Cooling have a wide range of expert services to make your home as comfortable as possible. Our technicians will always deliver honest, top quality work, and we believe that the job isn't done until the customer is fully satisfied. When you're looking to take the climate in your Peyton home to a level more desirable, consider some of our HVAC specialties:

  • Air Conditioning Repair: When your AC decides to take a break on you, there's no need to sweat. Edge Heating and Cooling can quickly diagnose the problem and get your cooling system back up to peak performance.
  • Air Conditioning Replacement: Newer air conditioning systems are more energy-efficient and disperse cool air more evenly through your home. If you're looking to upgrade your home cooling system, our AC replacement service is for you.
  • Water Heater Replacement: Get rid of your old water heater and enjoy the quick comfort that a new model can bring you. More recent water heaters provide warm water faster and for longer while also using less energy to fuel.
  • Water Heater Repair: If you're happy with the water heater you have, but it could use some fixing, our repair team is standing by. Our water heater repair service is the perfect way to get your water heater back in action.
  • IAQ Service: Just because the air in your home feels right doesn't mean it's the healthiest. Our indoor air quality service will install the filtration service your home needs to remove dangerous airborne particles.

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